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16 Alumni, 8 Students, 1 Amazing Experience
If you missed Zoom with 12 Maroons or were on the waiting list, we’ve created a new event perfect for you!


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SA Connect is Welcome to MaroonLife event. Look for this logo throughout the year for more must-do events and action items for first-year students.
Based one of UChicago’s most popular event of the year, Student Alumni Committee is organizing this brand new opportunity for students to connect with the alumni who were once in their shoes. Enjoy your lunchtime salad or evening beverage as you mingle in Zoom breakout rooms. Space is limited to 24 attendees, 8 students, and 16 alumni, to provide all participants a chance to directly interact with one another. The large group is broken out into 12-minute rotating breakout rooms of three attendees: 1 student and 2 alumni.


Take the step to meet with folks outside of the classroom, ask your burning questions and start building your UChicago network. The alumni you’ll meet were once students, too, so feel free to ask these experienced Maroons anything:
  • Worried about changing majors?
  • Not sure where to start looking for a job?
  • Feeling lost on how to develop those networks?

Ask our hosts! They can share with you some stories about how they navigated this period in life. At any given breakout, conversation topics may range from structuralism to public finance. Expect by the time you log off time, 11 students and alumni have become further interwoven into your UChicago community.


These dates reflect the Spring 2021 event. Please check back for updated dates in Winter 2022!

Tuesday, April 6 Noon CT
Thursday, April 8, 5 pm CT
Tuesday, April 13, 5 pm CT
Thursday, April 15 Noon CT
Tuesday, April 20 Noon CT
Thursday, April 27, 5 pm CT




Whether you are 3 or 30 years out from UChicago, your experience, advice, and stories are sought after by our students. Current students are always curious to learn what the transition was like post-college and growing their UChicago network. They typically ask questions about how you navigate the professional world or your college experience. They are seeking to discover their paths and heard your stories could help them. What do you say, alumni? Connecting with current students is now easier than ever.

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