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Welcome to MaroonLife

The guide to your first year experience as a Maroon!

Hi, new Maroons! You’re officially a member of the UChicago family, a survivor of storms and a connoisseur of Core Curriculum. This year, whether you’re joining us virtually or socially distancing on campus, the Student Alumni Committee is determined to help you get integrated into the UChicago culture and take part in our storied history, traditions and philanthropic actives.

Welcome to MaroonLife is the guide to your first year at The College. We’ve put together an ever-updating checklist of events, action items and resources especially designed to get you connected to volunteer opportunities, make friends, and access UChicago alumni resources. 

Check It Out, Check It Off

Here’s what you have to look forward to starting this fall. Don’t forget to check back for more to-do items on this Welcome to MaroonLife list:

Vote for Your Favorite House Banner at Homecoming

Student paints UChicago Homecoming banner in Crown Fieldhouse wearing a shirt that reads "vote"

 A UChicago tradition, the House Banner Competition is a Homecoming favorite and way to show support for your house and give back to the community simultaneously.  Join us at the Homecoming Block Party on Saturday, October 15 to vote for your favorite banner and giving a gift to your choice of a variety of causes. 

Run a Brisk 5K for Comer Children’s Hospital

Each October, hundreds of Chicagoans run in the Comer 5K to benefit the Comer Children’s Hospital.  Register below and consider making a gift that will support one of our local hospital.  Email us at to receive a registration discount code.

Register or join a team today

November 29: Join Us On Giving Tuesday, November 29

Participate in Giving Tuesday, the nationwide traditional day of giving back to the community. Consider giving a gift through UChicago Crowdfunding to an RSO you’ve recently joined, or support the Odyssey Scholarship Program which provides a path to a need-blind, loan-free education for talented students who otherwise would not be able to afford one of the world’s top universities.

Warm Up with Hot Cocoa on the Quads

Hot Chocolate Night is a cornerstone of the first year experience. Grab your class mug filled with rich hot chocolate and learn more about UChicago Alumni. Join us this year, be sure to register in advance so we know you are coming. 

Sign up for Wisr to Connect with UChicago Alumni

Find new contacts and growing your professional network with Wisr, UChicago’s new mentoring platform. Connect with alumni in your industry and get advice about how to achieve your professional goals through quick online meetings. You are just a few clicks away from connecting with alumni who have been in your shoes! All you need is a valid LinkedIn account. Sign up for Wisr today

Dinner with 12 Maroons

Dinner with 12 maroonsDinner with 12 Maroons is a series of dinners that occurs in the Winter Quarter. Students sign up and are chosen at random to attend a dinner with peers, alumni, and faculty. This event is a great way to cultivate meaningful connections in informal settings. At any given dinner, conversation topics may range from structuralism to public finance.

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