Student Alumni Committee


Calling all emerging leaders! Join the UChicago tradition that gives you an opportunity to virtually connect with programs that are doing justice, philanthropy and equity work.

Student & Alumni Connect

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Connect with UChicago alumni, build your network and ask your burning questions!

Attention Class of 2024!

UChicago Alumni Welcome You And Offer Advice

Alumni from the East Coast to West and from the Class of 2020 to the Class of 1984 offer their enthusiastic welcome to the Class of 2024. Listen to their message of advice and encouragement as you embark on a lifelong journey with the University of Chicago.

UChicago’s Official Philanthropy Week

Philanthropy week is a time to celebrate the donors that make the College work and support the Dean’s Fund for Student Life – which funds independent student research projects & initiatives.


Welcome To MaroonLife

Calling all first year students! Not sure where to begin on your journey as a Maroon? The Student Alumni Committee presents Welcome To MaroonLife, a brand new program designed to facilitate your first year experience at The University of Chicago. Check out our curated list of must-dos that every Maroon should check off!

Student Alumni Committee

SAC educates fellow classmates about the Alumni Association and how the College relies on Alumni volunteers and donors.

What is the Student Alumni Committee?

The Student Alumni Committee (SAC) raises awareness about the impact of alumni engagement with students, educates the student body on the importance of giving back, and provides opportunities for students and alumni to interact. Through these opportunities, the committee educates and emphasizes the importance of developing a lifelong relationship with the University of Chicago and cultivates a spirit of philanthropy.

Why is the work of the Student Alumni Committee important?

The Student Alumni Committee program invites students to take an active role as members of the Alumni Association. As members of the University of Chicago, we have a responsibility in maintaining and strengthening our community by volunteering our time to help each other and by lending philanthropic support to the College Fund.

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