Student Alumni Committee

About the SAC

What is the SAC?

The Student Alumni Committee (SAC) has a special enthusiasm for the University of Chicago. We volunteer our time to create a sense of unity within the University community and act as a bridge between students and alumni. We educate fellow classmates about the UChicago Alumni and how the College relies on both alumni and student volunteers and donations to maintain UChicago’s unique and rigorous education and student life.

SAC creates signature events that are important UChicago traditions, raise funds for various causes on campus and connect students and alumni. Interested in joining us as we plan student-alumni engagement events and to educate our peers about the importance of student philanthropy? Learn more about joining SAC!

SAC works closely with UChicagoAlumni to offer networking, social, and lifelong opportunities for any and all students and alumni of the university. Learn more about what UChicago Alumni can do for you:

Signature Events and Programs

Dinner with 12 Maroons (Dw12M)

In Fall and Spring quarters, SAC hosts 10-20 dinners with alumni around the city. Each dinner consists of 9 students, 1 faculty and two alumni. These dinners are a great way for students to get to know individuals from across the university in an informal manner. Plus, it’s free dinner, and they are always a lot of fun!

Hot Chocolate Night

SAC teams up with the Council on University Programming to welcome first year students to the community. At this event, we serve delicious hot chocolate and cookies, provide a free class mug, connect students and alumni, and educate the class on student philanthropy.

Philanthropy Week

In Winter quarter, SAC runs a campaign to support student life and build school spirit. Join the effort this year and give back to our community.


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