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Student Philanthropy Club

Est. 2020

Student Philanthropy Club (SPC) is a subset of students within the Student Alumni Committee who strive to define what philanthropy looks like at the University of Chicago.

Philanthropy encompasses more than just giving generous donations to charities; it includes actively participating in an effort to improve the welfare of other individuals. Students joining RSOs, community members leading donation efforts, staff members educating others on why philanthropy is necessary, and in other various ways are all worthy philanthropic efforts.

The Student Philanthropy Club provides spaces for students to learn the importance of philanthropy, the institutional issues that make philanthropy necessary, and how to actually participate in philanthropic service. The goal of this project is for students to leave UChicago with not only a superb education, but also a better sense of how, why, and when to give back to society, because philanthropy starts in the heart, not the pocket. 


"Philanthropy starts in the heart, not the pocket."

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If you have a heart for giving back, peer-to-peer education, or a desire to learn more about the nonprofit world, social equity and fundraising, SPC sounds like a great fit for you. Want to join us? Simply fill out the form below!


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