SAC Subcommittees

All committee members on the Student Alumni Committee take part in at least one subcommittee based on their particular interests, how they would like to develop professionally, and the skills they wish to hone or acquire. Below is a brief description of each committee. For more detailed information, including time commitments, specific positions within subcommittees, and benefits of joining each subcommittee, you may visit our subcommittee descriptions page.

Programming Subcommittee: The programming subcommittee organizes all major external events for the Student Alumni Committee including the Homecoming Banner Competition, quarterly Maroon Mondays, the annual One Week: UChicago's Official Philanthropy Week event, and the twice yearly Dinner with 12 Maroons dinner series. It focuses on promoting student philanthropy and school spirit.

Alumni Outreach Subcommittee: The alumni outreach subcommittee manages small-scale events that promote student and alumni engagement, including general committee-exclusive programs such as Speed Networking. In addition, alumni outreach subcommittee members volunteer their time at Alumni Association events such as Homecoming.

Marketing Subcommittee: The marketing subcommittee is responsible for event promotion, website management, and social media outreach as well as for pushing out the SAC brand across campus. 

Committee Development Subcommittee: The committee development subcommittee is responsible for developing a dedicated and informed committee. They manage recruitment and new member education, and also plan quarterly social activities for the committee outside of the usual meetings. In addition, the committee development subcommittee does post-event analysis to improve events year-over-year.